Dear Readers!

Even though I have retired, I will continue to do what I do best, what I have done for over half a century now, which is talking/teaching/writing truth to power or critical analysis of public policies as they affect the common man. Hence, I am happy to announce the inauguration of this blog and to welcome you to the premier posting of the blog. I also hope that my students (present and past) will find the blog informative and useful. My past students have always wanted an avenue for our continued exchange of ideas for our continued mutual education. As I always state in class, education is a continual unending process. So this blog is one way to institutionalize and perpetuate our learning process at the popular demand of most of my students. So this blog is for my past, current and future students, and I do hope that they will take advantage of it by visiting, commenting and even publishing on the blog.

I love my students because they are interesting and amazing; and they always energize and inspire me with their questions, comments, etc. While some of them start the class being skeptical, overwhelmingly most of them end the class feeling lucky, happy and grateful for the class. Equally, myself have always felt lucky, grateful, privileged and blessed to be their teacher. So this is the kind of mutual bonding that have generated between my students and myself for over three decades that I have been in classrooms.

The blog is named, “ourpublicpolicyblog.org” because it is where I will be posting my analyses of important public policies based on my observation and research. More importantly, it is designed to serve as a forum for intensive discussion of our relevant public policies. The word our is central to the project because it underscores that you are included in the conception from the beginning as part owner of the blog. I therefore, hope, welcome and encourage your frequent visits; and contributions to this blog.

The blog will also intends to serve all public officials and private citizens who care to understand how various government policies impact different groups in societies. My aim is to get as many people as possible interested in public policy so that we can all be educated and informed to discharge our civil responsibilities democratic duties, because democracy depends on informed and educated citizenry. This blog is therefore my outreach — an extension of my job as a social science professor. Everyone is therefore encouraged to participate, to visit, read and write articles on any public policy issues of their choice or to react to any article on the blog. Members can post articles on the blog. Membership is free. To post your articles, send them to: editor@ourpublicpolicyblog.org.

I am a proud graduate of Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA from where I got my doctorate in May 1978, and I have been in classrooms since then as teacher, professor, researcher, public policy analyst and writer.

I am a critical professor in the sense that I am among the few but growing cadre of academicians that reject conventional dominant prevailing academic orthodoxy of the system. This means that some of my academic models, my heroes, the scholars and writers I admire and whom I introduce to my students are people such as Ward Churchill, Howard Zinn, Naom Chomsky, Tim Wise, John Perkins, Jonathan Kozol and many others. Even though the numbers are growing, we still constitute a tiny proportion. I am however, hopeful because we cannot cede the ground to majority that is clearly wrong and increasingly relying on brute force, mass murder and persistent propaganda to hang on to power.

As I usually state in class, American academicians can be broadly divided in two major groups, viz, conventional versus critical scholars. Conventional professors can also be termed systems or systems maintenance professors. They could also be called “status quo” professors. Yes, their other names could be “Law and Order” professors. These guys believe in maintenance of the prevailing condition – in the preservation of orthodoxy, hence they are also called orthodox professors.

The teaching strategy of orthodox professors is simple – get the “approved” textbooks, which means textbooks with the orthodox sanctioned contents and mindlessly regurgitate them to the students like robots thus dumbing the students down. Orthodox professors teach within the ground rules laid down by the bosses.

This means that orthodox professors will not use textbooks that discuss white slavery in early America because it is a topic that the bosses do not want to discuss either because of their total ignorance of the topic or because it embarrasses or even shames them. The fact however is that whatever their feelings are, “whites” were the first slaves in early America before negro slavery and that about 95% of all early Americans were slaves, which means that all the current textbooks used in our public schools, colleges and universities that do not deal with white and negro slavery are wrong, and sanitized; and therefore, need to be changed or updated.

Thus, the orthodox professors teach within the box, and do not go beyond the boundaries laid by the bosses either due to ignorance or personal preference or their life world. The result is that students often learn nothing, and are often bored because they have heard such repetitive monotones many times in their previous many classes. These kinds of professors are far greater in number and exercise far greater power in American schools, so the odds are obviously stacked against the other kind of professors – the critical ones.

The other kind of professors are the critical professors. These professors exhibit a lot of intellectual energy. They ask questions within and outside the box because they refuse to be contained within the narrow, small boxes set by the bosses. These are professors whose basic approach is critique of the orthodoxy because they believe that the prevailing condition is fundamentally, institutionally and structurally unfair, unjust and inequitable and, therefore needs to change; and we have mountains of evidence to support and prove our case.

While the bosses and their orthodox professors, who guard, defend and rationalize their atrocious and murderous acts, have overwhelming numbers and power on their side, the numerically inferior and powerless critical professors have only the glaring truth, the justice and equity of their position as their immovable strength, energy and fuel for their continued fight and refusal to give up.

Thus in 2003, when bosses with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and others, decided to attack, loot and destroy an innocent country, Iraq – a country whose leader and people did not and could not have threatened us, only the critical professors protested.

Incidentally, by 2007 when we were bogged down in a devastating war quagmire with Iraq and Afghanistan, which we could not win, and with tens of thousands of war casualties on all sides, most Americans finally came to accept the critical professors’ position that the war was unnecessary, illegal, crimes against humanity and murderous.

Yet, even while many would today easily agree that the war was illegal, high crimes against humanity and murderous, few have been outraged enough to call for the arrest, detention and trial of the war perpetrators. Rather those same individuals who led us through those dark horrible period with bare lies and innuendos are today agitating to push us into other wars with ISIS, Syria and Iran.

The current, gigantic population shift going on in Europe today in the fall of 2015, with the attendant untold human sufferings were not caused by aliens from Mars but were the results of selfish, wicked greedy, arrogant God defiant, evil, wicked war-profiteers like Dick Cheney, W. Bush. And today, Americans and the world are too scarred and politically correct to say so while they are already busy plotting to cause further woes, more deaths and mayhem on the world as if the ones they already caused are not enough.

As far as I know, it remains eternal and compounding shame for this country if W. Bush and Dick Cheney and their gangs are left roaming around without answering for the thousands of deaths they caused, billions of properties they destroyed and billion of our dollars they stole and stashed away in hidden places. Read, James Risen, Pay Any Price: Greed, Power and Endless War, (2014) to begin to appreciate the amount and depth of the shenanigans caused by these men who are still working free among us. Also you can read, Vincent Bugliosi, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, (2012) to understand that calling for the arrest, detention and trial of G.W. Bush and his gang is the only civilized thing to do, otherwise we are all accessories to murder and high crimes, and history will so accordingly judge us.

Why W. Bush, and His Gang Should be Arrested and Tried For High Treason, Crimes Against Humanity and for Mass Murder of Thousands of Innocent Americans, Innocent Afghans and Innocent Iraqis:
After all, freedom is the cardinal promise of our democracy, which we proudly carry on our chips and loudly broadcast to the world everyday–that we are free and equal people endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. Our national anthem , The Star-Spangled Banner, loudly declares, “O’er the land of the free and the home brave.” So proudly and correctly, freedom is our essence.

In democracy, the people are the real sovereign. This means that our leaders represent us, and we elect them to work for us. Elections, therefore make our presidents and Congress responsible to us. We are also a nation of law not of man, and we are all equal under the law.

The above logic simply means that we must arrest and try our presidents when they do horrible, evil criminal things like willful mass murder of thousands of innocent Americans, Iraqis and Afghans. And if we do not arrest, detain and try W. Bush, Dick Cheney, et al, it means that we support and condone their various acts, which are clearly illegal in our books and in international law. I write this therefore to dissociate myself from the criminal acts of those guys who were acting in my name.
Hypocrites and Chicken Hawks:
The crimes of W. Bush and Dick Cheney are actually multiple and compounded. First, they are cowards and hypocrites. Not only that they did not go to war to serve their country when it was their time during the Vietnam war of the 1960 to 1970s, they did everything possible, invented and created all kinds of excuses, lapped on to all imaginable loopholes to stop them from going into the army or from serving in actual combat. Dick Cheney used 5 different deferments to avoid serving his country as a young man, which included being in college and having a pregnant wife, yet he grew up an arch militarist always seeking to send soldiers for military confrontation with another country because he knew that it would be others, besides himself or his children who would do the fighting.

Thus, Dick Cheney and his likes are classic hypocrites and chicken hawks. Hawks are those who always prefer military confrontation or military escalation during crisis. Hawks are militarists whose primary options are military solutions for resolution of most conflicts.

Hawks certainly deserve some respects. I many not agree with them, but at least, they have the integrity to put their bodies behind their thoughts and mouths. If a young man shouts that we should attack Iraq, and enlists and goes on to do the actual fighting, I can only disagree with him, but I will certainly respect his views. However, if neocons like W. Bush, Dick Cheney, et al, shout about war and did everything to avoid going to the war themselves, they are despicable hypocrites.

Chicken hawks are militarists like W. Bush, Dick Cheney, et al, who are scared of doing the fighting themselves and would prefer that others (other people or other peoples’ children) do the actual fighting. Chicken hawks are, therefore not just hypocrites, but cowards. They are false patriots. Dick Cheney is the consequential chicken hawk. He is the embodiment of everything that is evil about chicken hawk. He not only always aggressively advocates for military actions, but he made sure that he never served himself and that his children also never serve.

Dick Cheney is a notorious war profiteer. People should go and read, “War is a Racket” by General Smedley Butler to understand that Dick Cheney is a war profiteer and that war profiteers, are generally terrible.

Dick Cheney is like the fire-fighter who positions himself appropriately to take credits for fires he ignited or help ignite. We have many such examples in New York and across the nation. For example, Dick Cheney who had no military experience became George H. Bush’s Secretary of Defense where his most significant contribution to the country was to device plans to privatize military logistics. Further, upon leaving the Pentagon, Cheney, went to become the CEO of Halliburton, a struggling private military company (PMC), which was soon to metastasize into the world’s foremost private military company. Halliburton made $39.5 billion in Iraq war, many from non-competitive, no-bid deals; and Cheney personally made $44 million plus many more in stock holdings, stock options, pension benefits, etc. — not bad for one who did not risk a limb for his country at its hour of need.

Ridiculously, Dick Cheney wraps himself in American flag as he portrays himself as the most patriotic American ever. My question is, How difficult is it to live in the White House and/or to fly around in Air force One or two surrounded by bodyguards. My answer is that it is not difficult at all, and therefore should not be the measure of patriotism as W. Bush, Dick Cheney want us believe.

Hence, Tom Turnipseed declared that Cheney is the personification of war profiteering.

It is only fools, which Dick Cheney thinks that we are, who will believe his constant explanation that his position as the vice-president had nothing to do with massive “non-competitive, no-bid Halliburton contracts for the Iraq war or that he had set the stage for privatization of military logistics during his tenure as Secretary of Defense before he became the head of Halliburton. It is a shame because the high level of compound corruption and obvious “conflict of interest” could only happen, without dire consequences, only in supine, sedated America.

Many are outraged that Dick Cheney should be swindling the country so shamelessly. Thus, according to John Nichols would write that,

“after Dick Cheney selected himself to serve on the 2000 Republican ticket, former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jesse Brown, a Vietnam veteran disabled by a gunshot wound to his right arm, said, “As a former Marine who was wounded and nearly lost his life, I personally resent that comment. I resent that he had ‘other priorities,’ when 58,000 people died and over 300,000 returned wounded and disabled. In my mind there is no doubt that because he had ‘other priorities’ someone died or was injured in his place.”

John Nichols continued:

That may sound like a harsh assessment, but the fact is that at least a dozen men aged 19 to 47 from Cheney’s adopted hometown of Casper, Wyoming, died in Vietnam during the period when Cheney might have served. Because local draft boards had to fill quotas when a man who was eligible got a deferment, someone else had to fill the slot. The vagaries of draft quotas, military service and the war itself make it impossible to say whether Leroy Robert Cardenas or Walter Elmer Handy or Douglas Tyrone Patrick or any of the other sons of Casper who perished in Southeast Asia might have survived the war years and gone on to explore their “other priorities” if Cheney had responded to his country’s call. But that doesn’t stop some of those who served from asking, “Who died in your place, Dick Cheney?”

On My Latest Books:
My latest books are, The State of the American Mind: Stupor and Pathetic Docility, Vols. 1 & 2. I read about two books per week, and I can tell you that my books are among the best books available, and I am not saying them because I wrote them but because I know that the originality, intensity and quality of the research that went into the books have rarely been surpassed.

Among others, perhaps the books’ most important contribution was that they unraveled the very important hidden facts about slavery in early America – that over 95% of all early Americans – “whites”and blacks – were slaves. The worst tragedy is that 99% Americans did not know it because it was never taught in America’s public schools and no public school, social studies text book in America says anything about “whites” also being slaves in early America.

When slavery is discussed in American public schools, it is about only negro slavery. They never discuss “white” slavery. Therefore, people only know about negro slavery. Even myself who did high school in Nigeria, only knew of negro slavery because that was the only thing we were taught, and/or could be found in textbooks available in Nigeria.

If whites were slaves, who enslaved them?
The fact is that slavery was written and taught as being synonymous with blacks so that my black and white students today initially find it difficult to understand how whites could have been slaves. I have found the same puzzle and bewilderment in every class as they ask, “if whites were slaves, who enslaved them?” This simple question symbolizes the enormity of the mis-education, half-education, half-truths or under-education of our high school students for which the system suffers.

So 99.9% of my students came into my class not only knowing that “whites” were also slaves in early America, as most Americans, but that over 95% of all early Americans, whites and blacks, were slaves. This is a game changer, a startling information that often rightly jolts my students until I explain further and give them references for further their own investigation. And my joy is that, usually my students would lead the next class with more information, more sources about white slavery from the homework I gave them.

Thereafter, their questions would change to, “Why did no one ever told me about white slavery? Why did my middle school, high school teachers or my other college/university professors not tell/teach me about white slavery in early America? More importantly, why is it that most Americans do not know about white slavery? Why is it that we were taught only about negro slavery — that only the negroes were slaves in early America? Finally we would examine how full knowledge of slavery in America impacts or would have impacted America’s social behavior and public policies?

Above are some of the questions that are generated in my classes when they realize that blacks or negroes were not the only slaves in early America but that actually, about 95% of all early Americans, whites and blacks were slaves.

The issue of white slavery is an interesting, fascinating, rich and USEFUL area of studies both for the academia and for public policies in America. It therefore, demands further studies. Yes, my books uncovered the great hidden facts of white slavery in early America, yet there are still many more things to learn about it. I hope and urge other professors to explore this fascinating niche and run with it.

When other professors start studying white slavery in early America, either of two things will result — either they will prove me wrong and show that my study is a hoax or they will confirm my research and thus, help put white slavery as major part of social studies curriculum in our public school system, thus enabling, empowering America.

Integrating the study of white slavery in our public schools’ social science curriculum with the study of negro slavery, which we already do very well, will amount to what I call FULL or TOTAL study of slavery in America’s public school system. Currently, the study of slavery in America’s public schools amounts to sanitization because it concentrates on only negro/black slavery; and omits, ignores white slavery, which is wrong and false; and I dare other professors or anyone to prove me wrong, otherwise can we, please, stop polluting our young minds with false, wrong information. We will all learn and America can only be better for the new knowledge.

Finally, I will also urge social science students in our various colleges and universities in history, sociology, political science, political economy, black studies, ethnic studies, etc., to proceed and do doctoral dissertation on white slavery. Like I said, the study will be interesting, fascinating, informative, rich and USEFUL.